PHILOSOPHY – our greatest desire is to give true beauty, simplifying and improving the quality of life and creating interior design solutions, thanks to the innovative design expressed by a fully functional furniture that adapt to the needs and changing circumstances in the surrounding dynamic reality, while taking care to preserve the natural environmental balance. Conscious reduction of not renewable materials and replacing them with renewable is not only positive for the environment, but also for the comfort and durability of furniture, thanks to the unique production technology. We believe that man has unlimited possibilities and potential, the use of which depends only on him. That is why we make tools such as metadesigner and furniture systems, thanks to which you can consciously chose customized solutions and co-create with us the furniture. The process of designing the interior is possible for the lifetime of the furniture. The corner can become a sofa, a sofa an armchair…it is a freedom of possibilities. We are building a brand that proves that Poles cannot only produce furniture, but also to design and invent unique solutions on a global scale.


Gold Sofa – Inspired by the perfection of the creation of the universe expressed in numerical relationships emerging in all the beauty that surrounds us. Choosing Gold, you get the real gold, articulated by the comfort and reliability. Enjoy the unique world-wide solutions, enabling interior design in real time, rearrange configurations, adjusting furniture for yourselve and your needs, not vice versa.

ideaL – Is the beauty of flowers expressed in a form of furniture. It is ideal for seekers of true ergonomics and comfort, through the use of three types of the best polyurethanes, and the use of anthropological data. This is ensured by the use of modularity as well as durability and safety by reducing the pieces of wood. Therefore meet the expectations of living in harmony with the environment.

natural – Born from the inspiration of nature and the need to rest at the highest level. Three the best polyurethanes and variable seat depth for comfort without compromising in any position. Naturalness of the model is also expressed by the environmental safety due to the use of raw materials that can be recycled.